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The following are a few resources for teachers and parents to help their students/children produce a successful science or engineering fair project. 


  • SECTION A:   Rules and Guidelines
  • SECTION B:   Forms
  • SECTION C:   Science Fair Resources, Instructional Resources and Materials for Teachers, and GSDSEF Workshop Materials
  • SECTION D:   Links to Online Teaching Resources and Digital Libraries

* Additional resources may be found on the Student Resources page.


Section A: Rules and Guidelines

Section B: Forms


a) All necessary SRC or IRB approvals are required BEFORE student(s) may begin their project.

Students will need to complete the online SRC Pre-Approval Form and upload any necessary following Certification forms with the GSDSEF SRC Pre-Approval Signature Page and receive SRC Approval notification. 


IF the Project…

the student and advisor must be familiar with the Rules and Guidelines and How to Complete Certifications for …

Then the following Required Forms need to be completed and submitted;

Additional Forms as necessary based on Rules and Guidelines may also need to be completed

…is a continuation or progression of a previous project

Continuation/Research Progression of Projects

Continuation of Previous Project Form (Note: GSDSEF uses the ISEF Form 7)


…involves live vertebrate animals

The Humane Treatment of Live Vertebrate Animals


ISEF Form 2 – Qualified Scientist

IACUC from the RRI

…involves human participants

Research Involving Human Participants


A Copy of the Human Informed Consent Form

A Copy of Survey/ Questionnaire (if used)

ISEF Form 2 – Qualified Scientist

IRB Approval from RRI

…involves biohazards

Biohazards Control

ISEF Form 2 – Qualified Scientist

ISEF Form 6B – Human and Animal Tissues Form

…involves hazardous materials, activities, or devices

Hazards Control

ISEF Form 2 – Qualified Scientist


 b) Additional Forms may be required AFTER the project is completed. See the Information, Rules, and Guidelines above for your project to see if these additional forms need to be completed by the Qualified Scientist and submitted during the screening process.

After Project is Done

Submit Required Forms

If a Regulated Research Institute (RRI) was used during the project

ISEF Form 1C—Regulated Research Institution Setting Form

If Live Vertebrate Animals were used in the project at an RRI



Section C: Science Fair Resources for Teachers

How Science and Engineering Fair Projects Relate to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards:


How to Do a Science Fair Project - Teaching the Scientific Method and Engineering Design:


GSDSEF WORKSHOPS and TEACHER-CREATED Instructional Resources and Materials

Please go to GSDSEF Facebook page for workshop videos!





Additional Instructional Materials and Resource Guides:


Section D: Links to Teaching Resources and Digital Libraries 

Science Net Links - Teaching Science Resources - Science NetLinks is a premier K-12 science education resource produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. At Science NetLinks, you'll find teaching tools, interactives, podcasts, and hands-on activities, and all of it is free!


Thoughtco Teaching Resources - In-depth articles and teacher resources that give you and your students the answers and information.


Science Resources by Thoughtco


Computer Science Resources by Thoughtco


Math Resources by Thoughtco


Teaching Engineering


Tinkering, Simple Machines, Simple Electronics, Engineering, and Coding - Activities and Resources


Understanding Science and How it really Works – Teaching Resources


Teaching Resources - UC Berkeley


SAGE: Science and Arts Gateway Education - Teaching and Learning Resources from University of Cornell


JPL/NASA Teacher Resource


Resources from NASA: Grades 9-12


Resources from NASA Grades 5- 8


Edutopia – Ten Websites for  Science Teachers


Teaching Techniques for Science Teachers




The National Digital Library


Science News for Students


Find Articles from CBS


Science Daily – Your source for latest research


EurekAlert! The Global Source for Science News


Smithsonian - Science/Nature


Science Now


UC Riverside Chemical Engineering Fun for Kids