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Board of Directors:


Phil Gay, CEO

Wendy Gay, VP of School Relations


Management Committee 2017-2018


Mrs. Arwa Alkhawaja, Islamic School of San Diego, Teacher

Mrs. Rose Armor, Coordinator of Screening

Mr. Mark Atkins, ACE Parking, Coordinator of e-Mentoring

Mr. Dale Clarke, Intuit, Coordinator of Technology and Website 

Ms. Vickie Driver, Zim Biosciences, Co-Coordinator of Judging

Mrs. Kimberly Ferguson, Roche Diagnostics

Mr. Sam Ferguson, University of San Diego, Student, Co-Coordinator if Awards

Mr. Chris Guentner, Co-Coordinator of Logistics

Mr. Kevin Guentner, Estate Sales, Co-Coordinator of Logistics

Dr. James Kuo, Athena Bioventures, Coordinator of Parking and Traffic, Co-Coordinator of Outreach

Mrs. Laura McMasters, Co-Coordinator of Student Tours

Mrs. Zie Nie

Mrs. Janet Nordeen, Retired Science Teacher, Escondido Union School District, Senior Division Screening Committee

Mr. Larry Nordell, Marine Technology Society, Co-Coordinator of Judging

Dr. Sabine Ottilie, UCSD, Judging Committee

Mrs. Sejal Pabari, Asst. Coordinator of Professional Societies

Mr. Dan Pankau, Retired Engineer, GSDSEF Historian

Mrs. Maria Pankau, Coordinator of Student Tours

Dr. Erika Pollner, BD, Coordinator of Outreach

Mr. William Proffer, Leidos, Technology Committee

Mrs. Jelen Rodecker, SDSEA, Coordinator of SLB, Awards and Tech Committees

Mr. Steve Rodecker, Science Fair Director

Dr. Peter Salamon, SDSU, Judging Committee

Dr. Donna Kritz-Silverstein, UCSD, Judging Committee

Mr. Hal Slater, Coordinator of Size and Safety

Mr. Douglas Smith, Leidos, Co-Coordinator of Technology and Website Management

Ms. Adina Sobo, Morse High School, Coordinator of Professional Societies

Mrs. Donna Spevack, Co-Coordinator of Grants and Fundraising

Mrs. Olivia Tianshi, 

Mrs. Jessica Ullyot, San Diego City Schools, Coordinator of GSDSEF Store

Mrs. Diane Vermeulen, Professional Engineers in California Government, Professional Societies Committee

Mrs. Maryanna Quon Warner, Escondido Union School District, Retired Science Teacher, Screening Committee

Mr. True Xiong, Sony Playstation, Coordinator of Volunteers

Ms. Qun Wei

Mr. Sany Zakharia, Qualcomm, GSDSEF Treasurer, Coordinator of Grants and Fundraising


Student Leadership Board Management Committee Members:

Alina Pollner, SLB President

Rachana Madhukara, SLB Vice-President of Activities

Julia Situ, SLB Vice-President of Outreach

Ananya Rao, SLB Secretary

Ken Lew, SLB Treasurer


The Management Committee is a group of volunteers who give their time and expertise to produce the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair.