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Since 1955, the GREATER SAN DIEGO SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING FAIR (GSDSEF) has provided an inspiring experience in science and engineering for tens of thousands of San Diego and Imperial County students, motivating them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This regional competition challenges students to go beyond classroom studies to do independent research – to ask compelling questions, to design and implement innovative solutions, and to present and defend results to judges who are professionals in their fields.

The GSDSEF fosters creativity and innovation through inquiry, celebrates students’ STEM achievements, and showcases how young minds can make an impact in the present and future. 

Inspirational…motivational…transformative… For over 60 years, the GSDSEF has been encouraging young minds in their pursuits that will define the next generation of scientific thought, discovery, and innovation.

Robert Gonset, 14 designs a lie detector for the 1961 GSDSEF (SDUT)
Pres.Obama speaks with Eric Chen about his project on influenza treatments 2014 (photo: Reuters - 27 May,'14)