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2020 - 2021 Student Leadership Board


Board Officers:


PRESIDENT: Emily Tianshi, The Cambridge School

VICE-PRESIDENT OF ACTIVITIES: Raj Pabari, Classical Academy High School

VICE-PRESIDENT OF OUTREACH: Jessie Gan, San Diego Jewish Academy

SECRETARY: Aaron Huang, Canyon Crest Academy

TREASURER: Nadeen Morsi, Scripps Ranch High School



2020-2021 SLB Members:

Leila Elasaad, The Rhoades School

Adam Esch, Sage Creek High School

Kara Fan, Westview High School

Lou Fowler, Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Kelly Gan, San Diego Jewish Academy

Andrew Gao, Canyon Crest Academy

Kavya Gupta, Westview High School

Sanjana Gurram, Westview High School

Ryan Huang, Canyon Crest High School

Eleanor Jung, Mt. Carmel High School

Hari Krishnamurthy, Canyon Crest Academy

Andrew Kuang, Canyon Crest Academy

Marc Kuo, La Jolla High School

Racel Ligeralde, Good Shepherd Catholic School

Edward Liu, Canyon Crest Academy

Atulya Mandyam, Westview High School

Jessica McWilliams, Scripps Ranch High School

Margaret Nasry, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School

Adriana Quezada, St. John School - Encinitas

Joy Ruppert, San Dieguito Academy

David Samy, Canyon Crest Academy

Ainsley Savant, Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Anjana, Shriram, Canyon Crest Academy

Agastya Sridharan, Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Jason Tang, Canyon Crest Academy

Nicholas Usher, Classical Academy High School

Vivek Vijayakumar, San Marcos High School

Daniel Wang, Torrey Pines High School

Kate Wang, Canyon Crest Academy

Dagny Whall, La Jolla High School

Kyra Wu, Canyon Crest Academy

Ellen Xu, Del Norte High School

Lynne Xu, Torrey Pines High School

Wanyi Zhu, Canyon Crest Academy



For questions or information on our workshops, project advice/peer mentoring, and other Student Leadership Activities, please



For all other questions and information, please use the CONTACT US ONLINE button on the bottom of the webpage.

SLB Advisors and Supervisors:

Mrs. Jelen Rodecker, SLB Advisor

Mr. Steve Rodecker, Science Fair Director