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2022- - 2023 Student Leadership Board


Board Officers:

President - Eleanor Jung, Mt. Carmel High School
Vice President of Outreach - Kavya Gupta, Westview High School
Vice President of Activities - Kyle Tianshi, Cambridge School
Secretary - Joy Ruppert, San Dieguito Academy
Treasurer - Ellen Xu, Del Norte High School


SLB Members:

Issa Alwazir, Bright Horizons Academy

Isabella Audiss, Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Aimee Barrett, Central Union High School, Imperial County

Ava Brocious, The Bishop's School

Vikramaditya Chandra, San Marcos High School

Amogh Chaturvedi, Canyon Crest Academy

Zeynep Cotuk, Scripps Ranch High School

Arnav Dagar, Canyon Crest Academy

Rohit De, Del Norte High School

Saanvi Dogra, Del Norte High School

Elaine Dong, Canyon Crest Academy

Demetrios Dresios, Carlsbad High School

Leanne Fan, Westview High School

Spencer Foss, San Diego Jewish Academy

Kelly Gan, San Diego Jewish Academy

Vibha Yadav Ganji, Del Norte High School

Vidha Yadav Ganji, Del Norte High School

Maanas Gantla, Canyon Crest Academy

Sarah Gao, Canyon Crest Academy

Shervin Goudarzi, Canyon Crest Academy

Kavya Gupta, Westview High School

James Hou, The Bishop's School

Ritvik Irigireddy, Canyon Crest Academy

Alex Johnston, Helix High School

Eleanor Jung, Mt. Carmel High School

Anirudh Kalynaraman, Mt. Carmel High School

Maya Krishnan, La Jolla Country Day School

Vidhi Kulkarni, Del Norte High School

Selah Leboffe, Canyon Hills High School

Rebecca Leeman, Torah High School San Diego

Andrew Li, Canyon Crest Academy

Racel Ligeralde, Scripps Ranch High School

Nandana Madhukara, Canyon Crest Academy

Shruti Natala, Scripps Ranch High School

Dahlia Navarro, Bonita Vista High School

Ayush Nayak, Westview High School

Arshia Nayebnazar, Canyon Crest Academy

Matthew Noto, Canyon Crest Academy

Rishi Peddakama, Del Norte High School

Bhadra Rupesh, The Bishop's School

Joy Ruppert, San Dieguito High School Academy

Kyle Tianshi, The Cambridge School

Andrew Tsui, Canyon Crest Academy

Renee Wang, The Bishop's School

Ronald Wyatt, Eastlake High School

Ellen Xu, Del Norte High School

Kate Xu, Del Norte High School

Elita Wang, Pacific Ridge High School

Cecilia Ymaz, Chula Vista High School

Audrey Zeng, Del Norte High School

Jocelyn Zhang, Del Norte High School


For questions or information on our workshops, project advice/peer mentoring, and other Student Leadership Activities, please



For all other questions and information, please use the CONTACT US ONLINE button on the bottom of the webpage.

SLB Advisors and Supervisors:

Mrs. Jelen Rodecker, SLB Advisor

Mr. Steve Rodecker, Science Fair Director,