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The SAB has a new name - the Student Leadership Board!!!


At out first meeting of 2018-2019 school year, our members voted to change the name to better represent the function of this subcommittee.




The Student Leadership Board (SLB), or the Science Fair Honor Society, represent the most motivated students of the Greater San Diego Science Fair. We bring the students’ perspective to the Fair, and organize events such as supplementary workshops and Family Day. We work with the Management Committee to support and promote  the GSDSEF.



The SLB members…

  • help plan and present  Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair “How to...” workshops for student exhibitors, and assist with other outreach activities
  • mentor prospective Science Fair students from project idea generation to experimental setup,
  • volunteer at the science fair where we help with setup, check-in, project board size and safety check, tear down and clean up,
  • help plan and organize Family Day activities, 
  • select outstanding projects to receive the SLB Award,
  • help design the current year’s T shirt logo, 
  • act as year-round ambassadors to schools and communities, and
  • work with the Management Committee to support and promote the GSDSEF



The SLB is a great place for students of all backgrounds to come together to enjoy science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, share their enthusiasm by mentoring other students, and enhance their leadership skills. 


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