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Student Information for the 2019 GSDSEF


For the 2018-2019 school year, the GSDSEF will be accepting team projects at both the junior division level and senior level. A junior division team project consists of two students within grades 7 and 8. Senior division projects consists of two students within grades 9 through 12.

For all team projects that have been "recommended" to participate in the GSDSEF each student must submit a separate application and pay the application fee


NOTE: Judging Team Projects 

In judging a team project in comparison to one done by an individual, it is fair to have a higher expectation of the team project regarding the overall level of effort involved in the project.

Team projects have greater resources (the number of minds working together) and therefore a greater capacity for more research and data collection, more time, effort, and thought spent on the project, and more analysis than someone acting alone. This should be evident in the project.

There should also be evidence of team collaboration and synergy among team members (which should become evident during the interview process).

Please check out the GSDSEF HOW TO PARTICIPATE and STUDENT RESOURCES pages for valuable information and resources on producing a quality science or engineering project. 


See 2019 Science Fair Week Information for daily schedule and activities for the 65th Annual GSDSEF on March 12 - 17, 2019.