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Results from the 2017 GSDSEF, California State Science Fair (CSSF), Intel ISEF, and Broadcom MASTERS


2017 GSDSEF Place Awards:


See below for GSDSEF Awards Ceremony powerpoint slides.

INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair Results:

Eight students represented the GSDSEF at the 2017 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. Seven qualified as the ISEF Sweepstakes winners at the GSDSEF and one qualified through the California State Science Fair (*).


Matt Bronar and Jason Provol, Grade 12, Scripps Ranch High School, Identification of Metabolite Differences in Urine as a Form of Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis (Team Project)

Dominic Catanzaro, Grade 12, Cathedral Catholic High,  Quick Aligning Telescopes

Sam Ferguson, Grade 12, Christian Unified High, Diagnosing the Puzzle of Autism - A Wearable Micro-Movement Sensing Cap for Early Pediatric Screening

Paul Gauvreau, Grade 11, Canyon Crest Academy, Multicopter Automated Pollinator

Julia Situ, Grade 10, Canyon Crest Aademy, Role of Circular RNAs in Drosophila Innate Immunity

Daniel Zhang, Grade 11, Westview High, Genome-Based Discovery of Novel CpG Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Leukemia

Maggie Chen*, Grade 11, Canyon Crest Academy, Synthesis of a Biomimetic Artificial Kidney Using Cell-Membrane Coated Nanotherapeutics and 3D-Printing


INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2017:

(out of 1778 students from 78 countries and all 50 states)

Category Place Awards:
  • Biomedical and Health Sciences - Best of Category, $5000: Daniel Zhang, 11th grade Westview High School
  • Biomedical and Health Sciences - First Award, $3000: Daniel Zhang, 11th grade, Westview High School (+ $1000 for Westview High and $1000 for GSDSEF)
  • Biomedical Engineering - Third Award, $1000: Samuel Ferguson, 12th grade, Christian Unified High School
  • Microbiology - First Award,  $3000: Maggie Chen, 11th grade, Canyon Crest Academy
  • Plant Sciences - Third Award, $1000: Paul Gavreau, 12th grade, Canyon Crest Academy

Special Awards:

  • Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, $10,000: Paul Gavreau, 12th grade, Canyon Crest Academy
  • Philip V. Streich Memorial Award - 2-week trip to the London International Youth Forum: Daniel Zhang, 11th grade, Westview High School
  • University of the Sciences Awards, $15,000/yr scholarship effective on enrollment: Daniel Zhang, 11th grade, Westview High School
  • SPIE International Society for Optics and Photonics – Third Award, $1000: Dominic Catanzaro, Cathedral Catholic High School


For complete 2017 ISEF results, click here.

California State Science Fair (CSSF) 2017

(out of 927 students from 400 schools statewide)

Category Place Awards: 

  • Junior Division: 4 First Place Awards, 1 Second Place Award, 4 Third Place Awards, 2 Fourth Place Awards, 5 Honorable Mentions
  • Senior Division: 2 First Place Awards, 2 Second Place Awards, 3 Third Place Awards, 0 Fourth Place Awards, 9 Honorable Mentions

Special Awards/Recognition Awards:

  • Math Teacher’s Awards For Excellence, $1,250: Rachana Madhukara, 9th grade, Canyon Crest Academy
  • Clinical Chemistry Award, $200, Jessie Gan, 7th grade, San Diego Jewish Academy
  • Plug-In America EV Excellence Award Senior Division, $100, Phillippe Hanson Estruch, 11th grade, Canyon Crest Academy
  • Plug-In America EV Excellence Award Junior Division, $100, Veronica McKinney, 8th grade, Good Shepherd Catholic
  • SPIE Optics and Photonics Award, 2nd Place, $600: Dominic Catanzaro, 12th grade, Cathedral Catholic School
  • UCLA Brain Research Institute Award, 1st Place, $250: Nithya Krishnamurthy, 11th grade, Canyon Crest Academy

Broadcom Masters 2017

(out of 2,499 students from 49 states and 4 US territories)

Special Awards:

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award, $20,000: Emily Shi, 8th grade, The Cambridge School
  • STEM Award- Science Award 2nd Place, $2500: Jessie Gan, 8th grade, San Diego Jewish Academy

Top 30 Finalists (15 girls/15 boys):

  • Jessie Gan, 8th grade, San Diego Jewish Academy
  • Emily Shi, 8th grade, The Cambridge School

Top 300 Finalists:

  • Yusuf Amanullah, 8th grade, Islamic School of San Diego
  • Aidan Byrnes, 7th grade, The Rhoades School
  • Francisco Catanzaro, 8th grade, Pacific Beach Middle
  • Peter Eckmann, 8th grade, Stella Maris
  • Jessie Gan, 8th grade, San Diego Jewish Academy
  • Atulya Mandyam, 7th grade, Mesa Verde Middle
  • Alexandra Orczyk, 8th grade, The Rhoades School
  • Raj Pabari, 7th grade, Coastal Academy
  • Lauren Reilly, 8th, St. Rose of Lima Chula Vista
  • Emily Shi, 8th grade ,The Cambridge School


2017 GSDSEF Awards Ceremony


Click on the link below the image to view the presentation slides.