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Welcome to the 66th Annual Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair!  We look forward to your students’ participation in the 2020 GSDSEF. 



Science Fair Week is March 10 - 15, 2020. 

See below for more details - updated 1/27/2020.


Final day to submit applications and payment to enter the 2020 GSDSEF is February 24, 2020. 
****UPDATED DISPLAY REQUIREMENTS 2019 - For project display size and safety requirements and examples, go to Project Display Requirements


The Student Leadership Board presents its final 2019 -2020 workshop for students. For additional information on workshops, please go to SLB ACTIVITIES.
Workshop #3: Preparing for Judging

These topics will be covered:

  • Impressing judges
  • Going over the schedule for Fair Week - what to expect, what to do
  • BRING YOUR DISPLAY BOARDS! Participants will have the opportunity to practice with SLB members and actual judges. Get individual advice and have any questions answered!!


  • Saturday, February 29, 2020
  • 9 am to 11 am
  • San Diego County Office of Education, 6401 Linda Vista Rd. San Diego, 92111
  • Room: Annex C




NEW!!! Changes for 2019-2020

6th Grade Teachers and Students—Welcome to the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair!!  Participation in this iconic science competition is a wonderful opportunity for your students to showcase their science/engineering/mathematics knowledge. 


Proposals and Certifications - Students will now have to make GSDSEF accounts and submit their online SRC Pre-Approval Form and any necessary Certification Forms and other forms BEFORE beginning on their projects. They may proceed with their projects AFTER receiving GSDSEF approval to proceed. 

For further information go to How to Participate .

Rules and Guidelines - ISEF and CSEF have updated rules and guidelines for 2020. These will be be enforced at the GSDSEF in order for students to qualify for ISEF and CSEF. This includes having all necessary forms signed and approved before experimentation begins.



2019-2020 GSDSEF Calendar


September - November, 2019—Students make GSDSEF accounts and submit Proposals and Certification Forms/Continued Project Forms.  Students begin on projects AFTER  GSDSEF approval.

Students work on projects after necessary approvals through January, 2020.

~January 22th - ~February 12th, 2020—Project Screening

For a complete list of important dates, please visit the schedule page.

  -- A photojourney of the 2018-2019 GSDSEF

News Announcement! September 18, 2019

2019 Broadcom MASTERS Results

Finalists were selected by a panel of distinguished scientists and engineers from among the Top 300 MASTERS and over 2,300 applicants in 47 states, Washington, DC and two US territories.The top 30 finalists include 18 girls and 12 boys covering 13 states and representing 28 schools.



Tianshi, Kyle 

The Cambridge School, San Diego, California; 7th Grade

Project Title: A Microscopic Particle Detector Using Laser Microscopy and Image Processing



Broudy, Reuben

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School, San Diego, California; Grade 8

Project Title: Modelling Minimum Voltage to Acoustically Levitate Non-Spherical Objects at Near Wavelength Dimensions


Catanzaro, Marcus

Pacific Beach Middle School, San Diego, California; 7th Grade

Project Title: Rock and Roll Derailment: Reducing Harmonic Oscillation in Trains


Chakamian, Kian

The Rhoades School, Encinitas, California; 8th Grade

Project Title: Predicting Implications of Olive Quick Decline Syndrome in San Diego County Olive Trees


Sridharan, Agastya

Thurgood Marshall Middle School, San Diego, California; 7th Grade

Project Title: A 3D Autostereoscopic Quasi-Static Volumetric Display


Tianshi, Kyle

The Cambridge School, San Diego, California; 7th Grade

Project Title: A Microscopic Particle Detector Using Laser Microscopy and Image Processing


See the Highlights and Results of the 2019 GSDSEF, CSEF, ISEF, and Broadcom MASTERS on About: 2019 Results.