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Welcome to the 67th Annual Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair - 2020 -2021! 


We are looking forward to the 67th Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair in March, 2021. In order to ensure a safe STEM Fair experience for all stakeholders, the 2021 GSDSEF will be a Virtual Fair.   Requirements for virtual judging are listed below.  The SRC Pre-Approval Process is now open for students, which will be the same as last year. 

The GSDSEF participation process is the same as last year. (Videos are available to guide your students through the process.)

In addition, students must still keep a project notebook, which may be asked for during the interview. (Although judging is virtual, the notebook helps keep students organized throughout their project.)
Changes for the 2021 GSDSEF
  • No backboard required, but project notebooks are required. 
  • Pictures of the student researcher in action required for the slide deck. 
  • Group projects are discouraged due to social distancing guidelines.  
  • The Application Fee will be $25 per student. 
  • Videos--It is highly recommended, but not required, that students make a short video  
    about their projects.
  • Virtual Judging- GSDSEF judging will be virtual, with no in-person interactions. 
  • For virtual judging, students will:            
                          -  make a digital slide deck (pdf Powerpoint or GoogleSlides)
                           - go through a virtual interview with judges                            - display/refer to the notebook if asked by a judge.
Detailed information about the digital slide deck, virtual interview, video, and notebook will be sent out later.
In whatever educational format students find themselves this next school year, doing an independent, creative STEM project will provide a valuable springboard to future learning in all disciplines. It is now more critical than ever that we continue to inspire and reward the next generation of scientists, engineers, and programmers through participation in these projects. In these challenging times, thank you for your continued support of student research. 

Check the HOW TO PARTICIPATE page for instructions and videos on how to participate in the 67th Annual GSDSEF. 

The revised 2021 GSDSEF Schedule is now available. 

Congratulations to our Grand Award Winners and Runners Up this year at the 2020 Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair!


Senior Division Life Science Grand Awards

Rina Cao- University City High School

Kate Wang- Canyon Crest Academy


Senior Division Physical Science Grand Awards

Benjamin Faktor- Canyon Crest Academy

Francisco Catanzaro- Cathedral Catholic High School


Junior Division Life Science Grand Awards

Sydney Zhang- Mesa Verde Middle School

Bhadra Rupesh- The Rhoades School


Junior Division Physical Science Grand Awards

Kyle Tianshi- The Cambridge School

Nicholas Usher- Classical Academy Middle School


The Taiwan Award - A Grand Prize awarded by a Professional Society

Jeffrey Wang- The Bishop's School


Senior Division Life Science Runner-Up Grand Awards

Andrew Gao- Canyon Crest Academy

Eleanor Jung-  Mt. Carmel High School


Senior Division Physical Science Runner-Up Grand Awards

Ellen Xu- Del Norte High School

Vivek Vijayakumar-- San Marcos High School


Junior Division Life Science Runner-Up Grand Awards

Leia Ryan- The Rhoades School

Josh Kozak-  All Hallows Academy


Junior Division Physical Science Runner-Up Grand Awards

Nandana Madhukara- Pacific Trails Middle School

Aleister Steadman- Wangenheim Middle School

To view the 2020 GSDSEF Results and Highlights, click here. This page will be continually updated with information.

To participate in the GSDSEF, please go to How to Participate .

Rules and Guidelines - ISEF and CSEF have updated rules and guidelines for 2020. These will be be enforced at the GSDSEF in order for students to qualify for ISEF and CSEF. This includes having all necessary forms signed and approved before experimentation begins.

Proposals and Certifications - Students will now have to make GSDSEF accounts and submit their online SRC Pre-Approval Form and any necessary Certification Forms and other forms BEFORE beginning on their projects. They may proceed with their projects AFTER receiving GSDSEF approval to proceed. 

  -- A photojourney of the 2018-2019 GSDSEF