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NEW for 2019 - 2020!!! The GSDSEF will now be accepting 6th grade projects in the Junior Division.




The Adult Advisor (Teacher/Advisor or Sponsor)…

  • must be familiar with the regulations that govern potentially dangerous research as they apply to a specific student project.

  • takes responsibility for submitting and signing paperwork. If the project was done at school, the sponsor is also responsible for active supervision of the experimentation.

  • is responsible for working with the student to evaluate any possible risks involved in order to ensure the health and safety of the student conducting the research and the humans and/or animals involved in the study as well as any SRC documentation forms are completed and signed BEFORE research experimentation begins.

  • must review the student’s Project Proposal Plan and ensure that:

         a) experimentation is within GSDSEF rules and regulations, state, and Federal laws and Intel ISEF rules;

         b) any special Certification forms required are completed and signed, or check with the Scientific Review Committee for approvals.

         c) forms are completed by other required adults before the student begins the project;

         d) criteria for the Qualified Scientist adhere to those set forth in the GSDSEF Rules and Regulations and/or ISEF Guidelines.

  • is responsible for ensuring the student’s research is eligible for entry in the GSDSEF.

  • keeps on file student’s Project Proposal and any other needed completed/signed Certification forms.

  • ensures students follow all deadlines.

  • ensures students submits project for screening before the school deadline.

  • ensures students who have been “recommended” complete the Application process before the Application deadline.