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2024 GSDSEF Digital Screening Information and Application Information

During Screening, qualified scientists, engineers, and teachers review each project to determine if correct scientific and engineering practices have been followed.

The 2024 Screening Resources: Guidelines, Templates, Directions, and Examples and Application/Payment Information are below. 

Screening Resources for Teachers and Students

Teachers Screening Workshop Video

Digital Project Template for Screening-- Obtain from the teacher/advisor


Click here for Screening deadlines. For other important dates, check the Schedule page.




To properly submit projects for screening, students must

  1. Go to and log in to their account.                         

  2. Go to the My Projects tab and click the Edit button.   

  3. Upload their pdf Slidedeck.                                                     

  4. Change their project status at the bottom of the page from Project: Draft ---> Project: Submitted.   

  5. Click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the account page. Projects that remain in DRAFT form are not submitted to the screening process and can not be reviewed by the screeners.


Results of Screening

There are three possible outcomes from the screening process.  Students and teachers will hear back directly about the results, which typically takes about a week. 

1. Approved/Recommended--  Based on the quality of the science, engineering, or coding, the project merits participation in the GSDSEF. Students will see a note on their account page to apply to the Fair.

2.  Not Approved/Not Recommended-- Based on the factors listed below, the project has been NOT Recommended to participate in the GSDSEF. Students will not be able to apply to this year's GSDSEF.  

  1. project is demonstration of principle or a report
  2. project has too many inadequacies-  Please see "What Screeners are Looking for" above. 
  3. project violates GSDSEF rules

3. Resubmit with Modifications--- The overall quality of the project is good, but in order to be acceptable, modifications required by the Screener must be carried out and sent back to be re-screened by the deadline.  The original screener then decides whether the project will be Approved/Recommended or NOT Recommended. The student and teacher must check status by checking their account on the GSDSEF website.




Applying to the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair-2024

It is the student's responsibility to login to check his/her project status. Once a student's project is Approved/Recommended, he/she will see APPLY.

The application and fee must be submitted/received by (See new schedule when published).

  • There will be no mail-in or hand-delivered applications accepted. Applications will be done electronically.

  • Fee payments will be accepted electronically (credit card) as part of the student's GSDSEF application submission.  

  • If a school/district is intending to pay for students with a pre-approved purchase order or a check/warrant, please Contact Us using the link below by (See new link when published).

  • If an individual is unable to pay via electronic methods, please Contact Us within 3 days of receiving notification of being recommended to the GSDSEF for alternative payment method directions

Please follow all deadlines!  Students who submit their application and fees after the application deadline will not be entered in the Student Exhibitor Directory and Information.

The 2024 GSDSEF Application fee is $ 50 PER STUDENT. Each student of a team must complete his/her application and pay the fee separately.