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Student workshops and activities for the 2019-2020 are being planned and scheduled and will be posted by end of September, 2019.
If you have questions, please contact us at


SLB WORKSHOP SERIES FOR 2018-2019 has now concluded its presentations for the 65th Annual GSDSEF.

If you were unable to attend the workshops or would like to review the presentations:

Workshop #4

Showcase Your Project: Preparing for a Successful Presentation

Student Leadership Board members go over:

1) Fair Week Schedule

2) what to expect on Check-In/Project Set-Up Day, and go over the procedures 

3) what to bring and what NOT to bring

4) helpful advice on how to present tot he judges

5) sample questions the judges may ask



For more information to prepare for judging, visit the Student Resources page (Section D).



Creating an Impact – From Data Analysis to Display


Student Leadership Board members share how:

1) to how to finish your notebook, how to write an effective abstract, and how to put together your display.

2) the do’s and don’ts of putting together your display backboard.

3) the NEW SCREENING PROCESS to enter your project into the GSDSEF.



 Workshop #1: Getting Started Project Ideas

Student Leadership Board members discuss:

1) how to get project ideas

2) the scientific method and engineering design principles

3) where to get support and more


Workshop #2:

ENGINEERING: Designing and Collecting Data

Student Leadership Board members share how to:

1) Set up your notebook,

2) check your design ideas and parameters,

3) evaluate design and re-tests, 

4) determine when your prototype is successful.


Workshop #2:

SCIENCE: Designing and Collecting Data

Student Leadership Board members share how to:

1) set up your notebook,

2) set up and conduct your scientific experiment,

3) organize your data into tables, charts, and graphs

4) report your findings