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SLB Workshops and Mentorship Program

The 2023-2024 GSDSEF Student Leadership Board (SLB) is pleased to provide TWO different opportunities -  WORKSHOPS and a MENTORSHIP PROGRAM - for middle school and high school students in San Diego and Imperial Counties to develop and produce successful science, engineering, math, and/or computer science projects for entrance into the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair (GSDSEF).

The SLB members are high school students who have multiple years of experience in the GSDSEF who have all received 1st Awards and numerous Special Awards. Several SLB members have also received Grand Awards, have been finalists/award winners at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), California Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF), and/or have been awardees at other STEM competitions.


Let the SLB members help YOU produce a successful Fair project!



SLB members are eager to share their enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge with you in a series of interactive step-by-step workshops designed to help you produce a successful STEM project.


Workshop topics focus on how to participate in the GSDSEF as well as the entire science fair process and the scientific method/engineering principles from start to finish - from coming up with a project idea, to putting together your science notebook, to designing your poster board, and to finally preparing you for judging. 


Experienced SLB members are also available to work with you on an individual basis - to answer your specific questions based on your own project.


For 2023-2024, SLB will be hosting most workshops via Zoom. Workshop information will be sent to your teachers. Zoom links to each workshop will be sent to those who RSVP.

Workshop Schedule 2023-24   

All workshops are scheduled on Saturdays from 9:30-10:30 AM

September 23, 2023- Workshop 1- Finding an Idea

Video of Workshop 1

October 7, 2023- Workshop 2- Using the Scientific Method/Engineering Design Process: Problem-->Results

Video of Workshop 2

December 2, 2023- Workshop 3- Data Analysis and Statistics- Basic

Video of Workshop 3+4- 

December 9, 2023- Workshop 4- Data Analysis and Statistics- Advanced

Video of Workshop 3 + 4- 

January 13, 2024- Workshop 5- Successful Screening Presentations

Video of Workshop 5- 

February 17, 2024- Workshop 6- Science Fair Display and Notebook

March 9, 2024- Workshop 7- In -person Science Fair Judging Practice; 9:30-noon; Tierrasanta Branch Library- 4985 La Cuenta Dr., San Diego.

March 23, 2024- Workshop 8- Post Fair Workshop


Exciting news for you all! The GSDSEF SLB presents the annual Mentorship Program designed to pair GSDSEF participants with seasoned mentors to help you improve and succeed with your project.


You will receive individualized attention with an experienced GSDSEF mentor who will not only assist you with the science/engineering in your project, but guide you through the 2023 GSDSEF participation process as well.


Meetings will be approximately 30-45 minutes/week (or as needed) and conducted via Zoom.


Mentors will guide you on how to:

  • Create an impactful methodology
  • Gather reliable results
  • Analyze complex data
  • Organize information into presentable formats
  • Prepare a cohesive presentation for Judges
  • Submit important GSDSEF forms
  • Extend the impact of your project
  • And much, much more!!


In order to best support students, GSDSEF SLB pairs mentees and mentors based on their project categories and interests.


NOTE: We highly recommend students have a general understanding of what they want their project to be before signing up.


SIGN UP HERE FOR A MENTOR--Coming in September, 2023












If you have questions concerning our workshops or other SLB activities, please contact us at

If you have any questions about our Mentorship Program, please email us at

If you have specific "technical" questions concerning screening, certification forms (Scientific Review), and other general information about the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair, please use the Contact Us Online link in the CONTACT INFO section below.