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This page will continue to be updated with results and information from the GSDSEF and Affiliate Fair results. (Last updated: March 24, 2020)

See 2020 Highlights below


2020 Information and Student Exhibitors Directory

The online version of the 2020 Information and Student Exhibitors Directory has been updated to include student exhibitors whose applications were received after the print deadline.

Congratulations to our Grand Award Winners and Runners Up this year at the 2020 Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair!




Senior Division Life Science Grand Awards

  • Rina Cao- University City High School - ISEF Finalist
  • Kate Wang- Canyon Crest Academy - ISEF Finalist


Senior Division Physical Science Grand Awards

  • Francisco Catanzaro- Cathedral Catholic High School - ISEF Finalist
  • Benjamin Faktor- Canyon Crest Academy - ISEF Finalist


Senior Division Life Science Runners-Up Grand Awards

  • Andrew Gao- Canyon Crest Academy - ISEF Finalist
  • Eleanor Jung-  Mt. Carmel High School


Senior Division Physical Science Runners-Up Grand Awards

  • Ellen Xu- Del Norte High School - ISEF Finalist
  • Vivek Vijayakumar- San Marcos High School


The Taiwan Award - A Grand Prize awarded by a Professional Society

  • Jeffrey Wang- The Bishop's School



Junior Division Life Science Grand Awards

  • Sydney Zhang- Mesa Verde Middle School
  • Bhadra Rupesh- The Rhoades School


Junior Division Physical Science Grand Awards

  • Kyle Tianshi- The Cambridge School
  • Nicholas Usher- Classical Academy Middle School


Junior Division Life Science Runners-Up Grand Awards

  • Leia Ryan- The Rhoades School
  • Josh Kozak-  All Hallows Academy


Junior Division Physical Science Runners-Up Grand Awards

  • Nandana Madhukara- Pacific Trails Middle School
  • Aleister Steadman- Wangenheim Middle School


NEWS UPDATE: March 23, 2020 -- The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 ISEF due to the COVID-19 outbreak.   Although our students will not be able to compete on the world stage where GSDSEF students always do extremely well, we congratulate these students for their extraordinary work and research, as well as ALL students who participated in the 2020 GSDSEF.

2020 GSDSEF Highlights

In the 66th Annual Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair, we had

  • over 880 students who submitted projects to be screened into the GSDSEF and over 700 were recommended to participate in the Fair
  • 574 total students who applied and were accepted into the 2020 GSDSEF
  • 3 options to be judged (available this year only) -  1) be judged in person, 2) set up their display boards and send in a video for judging, 3)  be judged only by their display board and notebook
  • 250 – 300 judges who decided the Categorical Place Awards in 16 categories of projects with displays present, by interviewing students in person, and/or reading notebooks and display boards, and, if submitted, viewing videos
  • 16 6th graders judged for the first time in the GSDSEF
  • 336 Individual Projects and 53 Team Projects were judged in Junior Division
  • 106 Individual Projects  and 6 Team Projects were judged in Senior Division
  • 79 Professional Societies and ISEF Affiliates who gave awards and scholarships
  • 245 Professional Society Awards and Special Awards given to participants totaling over $24,000
  • 89 students nominated for the California Science and Engineering Fair
  • 55 students nominated for Broadcom MASTERS
  • AND... an ELEMENTARY SHOWCASE with students who had won top awards in their school (see below!)


Each Professional Society handles their awards differently. In most cases, the Professional Society contacts the winners of their awards directly within a few weeks of the Fair.

Unfortunately, the 2020 California Science and Engineering Fair has been canceled due to COVID19 concerns. However, we congratulate these students for being nominated to participate in the CSEF. 


Junior Division Place Awards:
Senior Division Place Awards:
Place Awards by Grade Level:

Note: This chart is based on all students (individual and team members) as team project members may in different grade levels that had project displays during judging.




Although the Awards Ceremony had been canceled due to COVID-19, you can view the virtual Awards Ceremony presentation:







 1st Place Awards


 2nd Place Awards


 3rd Place Awards


 4th Place Awards


Professional Society Awards 



This year was the first Elementary Showcase at the GSDSEF. Four students from Johnson Magnet School for STEM showcased their projects at the 2020 GSDSEF and had the opportunity to share their research with judges. These students had won the top awards at their school.

Environmental Sciences & Management:

  • Braylon Robinson, Grade 5, Teacher: Mr. Hickenbottom, STEM Specialist: Dr. Weinshanker

Plant Science:

  • Auria Younger, Grade 4, Teacher: Mr. Smith, STEM Specialist: Dr. Weinshanker

Product Testing/Consumer Science:

  • Giovanni Bello, Grade 3, Teacher: Mrs. Teshara-Tartt, STEM Specialist: Dr. Weinshanker
  • Alessandra Banuelos, Grade 3, Teacher: Mrs. Anderson, STEM Specialist: Dr. Weinshanker


Elementary Showcase - Future GSDSEF Student Exhibitors

2020 GSDSEF Teachers of the Year


  • Junior Division - Gina Saclauso-Caro, Chula Vista Middle School
  • Senior Division - Rajshree Mudaliar, Pacific Ridge High School


The Board of Directors and Management Committee would like to thank the following schools and their teachers/advisors of San Diego and Imperial Counties for their commitment to and support of students and their research in science, technology, engineering and math in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair.

Teacher Directory: