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Judge the Fair


The Fair has three sets of judges.


Categorical (Morning) Judging

The morning judges decide the Fair's own placements (first through fourth) in categories like math, animal science, chemistry and so forth.


Professional Societies and Sweepstakes judge in the afternoon.  (They are both described below.)


Categorical (Morning) judging will take place on Wednesday morning, March 14th , from 8:00 - 11:45 a.m. in the Balboa Park Activity Center.


If you are an experienced categorical judge and are ready to volunteer now, please complete Judging Registration form.


A detailed judging day agenda and directions to the Center will be sent to you a week or two prior to the Fair.




If you have not judged before and would like to know more, please look at About Categorical (Morning) Judging.


Sweepstakes Judging

These are the very best projects in the Fair.  Projects recommended for Sweepstakes consideration are reviewed by teams of our most experienced judges during the afternoon judging session.  (5 or more years of experience are required. Sweeps Judges must be willing to stay until at least 3PM.) Four Sweepstakes and four Runners-up are selected in both Junior (7th -8th grade) and Senior (9th -12th grade) Division.


Professional Society (AFTERNOON) Judging

Some 100 Professional Societies and other organizations present awards at the GSDSEF. Each provides its own judges and set its own criteria for awards. Professional Societies judge student projects on the afternoon of judging day.

In order to participate, one person for the Professional Society must agree to act as a point of contact for the GSDSEF. This person is responsible for recruiting judges for that Professional Society, and reporting their selected winners to the GSDSEF. Awards may be then left with the GSDSEF for distribution directly to students, or the Professional Society may arrange another method to present their awards.

For more information, or to sign up your Professional Society, please contact Adina M. Sobo.