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  1. Let's say you see a project idea from one of the internet sites where a student previously investigated getting oil from a cactus plant and determining if it could be turned into a green alternative and useable fuel. Then what?


  1. You change it up a bit by thinking of a different test subject or a different way to do what others have done. In this example we thought of a different, maybe more abundant plant, such as an invasive weed, (choose one that is NOT poisonous) from which you could extract oil and investigate its use as a green alternative and useable fuel. We chose to use the same method as the student.


  1. You turn it into a testable question such as Is dandelion leaf oil functional as a green alternative and useable fuel?


  1. Next do an internet search using the question to see if you can find the exact answer to the question. We often tell students to just “Google it”. If you CAN’T find the exact answer…GREAT… you have a unique opportunity for research. If you can find the answer then continue thinking of how this idea can be changed and then go through the process again. By the way, we googled this topic and did NOT get any hits at all - so it IS unique and has not been done.