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Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair 2019 is now over!

The 2019 Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair is now over. 

We thank all of the student exhibitors, judges, sponsors, professional societies, teachers, parents, and volunteers who helped make the 65th Annual GSDSEF a success!


Recently updated as of April 1, 2019:

Professional Society Awards:


We need photos and stories from students for The Science Fair Experience - 2019

Our online publication, The Science Fair Experience, is looking for submissions from students, chaperones, and anyone else, especially of the science fair tours. Photos are especially desirable, but short textual accounts of under 200 words would be great, too.  Please send your photos and/or stories to the Contact Us link below by March 31st, and indicate if you would like to be publicly credited for your photos or text. This document will be posted on the website by early April.

2019 GSDSEF Highlights


In the 65th Annual Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair, we had

  • Over 930 students submitted projects for screening
  • Over 620 7th - 12th grade Student Exhibitors accepted to participate
  • 18 6th graders participated in the first GSDSEF Sixth Grade Showcase
  • 61 Team Projects in Junior Division (first year allowed) and 14 Team Projects in Senior Division
  • 51 San Diego County Middle Schools and 4 Imperial County Middle Schools participated
  • 23 San Diego County High Schools  and 1 Imperial County High School participated
  • 89 Projects qualified for the California Science and Engineering Fair
  • 60 Junior Division Projects nominated for Broadcom MASTERS
  • 55 Professional Societies gave awards and scholarships
  • 400 judges decided Categorical Place Awards in 16 categories
  • Over $18,000 in scholarships awarded


(updated March 17, 2019 to include all student exhibitors)


Categorical Place Awards Results:


Junior Division

  • 1st Place Awards - 96 Projects
  • 2nd Place Awards - 130 Projects
  • 3rd Place Awards - 148 Projects
  • 4th Place Awards - 49 Projects

Senior Division

  • 1st Place Awards - 41 Projects
  • 2nd Place Awards - 35 Projects
  • 3rd Place Awards - 20 Projects
  • 4th Place Awards - 4 Projects


Affiliate Fairs Eligibility Lists (as of March 17, 2019)


Professional Society Awards (as of March 20, 2019):


2019 Awards Ceremony Presentation slides

Awards Opening and Keynote
Professional Society Awards
Special Awards
Sweepstakes Awards
Junior Division 1st Place Awards
Senior Division 1st Place Awards

Junior Division 2nd Place Awards

Senior Division 2nd Place Awards
Junior Division 3rd Place Awards
Senior Division 3rd Place Awards
Junior Division 4th Place Awards
Senior Division 4th Place Awards