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NOTICE: The e-Advice program is closed for the 2017-2018 Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair and will reopen in September, 2018.


The goal of the e-Advice program is to improve the quality of science projects and to increase the interaction between the professional community and local students. Our mission is to inspire the future generation of scientists, engineers, and technology innovators. 

What is the purpose of the GSDSEF e-Advice Program?

The GSDSEF e-Advice Program is a PILOT program for students to promote quality science research and to provide additional support for students and teachers with technical questions about a project.

Interested students can improve their project quality by using an outside-of-school mentor. The program provides a wonderful opportunity for adults to give back to the community as well as utilize their interests and expertise to help students. The student gains from not only improved project quality but also the experience of interacting with another adult on a topic of mutual interest.

The purpose of the program is NOT to help a student decide on a project, or assist or provide a student with a lab or materials, or to convert a project into a 1st place entry. 

Who are e-mentors providing e-Advice?

All of our e-mentors are professionals or experts in their respective fields. We have engineers, biologists, chemists, informational technology experts, and other specialists.

Note: The e-mentor does NOT take the place of a teacher/advisor. 

What does the e-mentor do?

The mentor provides specialized technical guidance in the specific area of the student’s research. Students can request help from professionals in different areas of science and engineering.

Students are able to ask questions to make sure their project idea is clear and specific enough, or to make sure procedures are thought through, if they have adequate controls, or if they are using appropriate measurements.

Teacher Advisors may also ask questions to help their students.

Mentors can only offer suggestions to improve project and to provide advice on a testing technique, how to analyze the data, graphing, etc. for the project by guiding students, but not do the work for them, nor offer a laboratory or materials.

Are e-mentors allowed to meet in person?

No, due to liability concerns, all contact must be done via email/electronically.

How is cyber security and privacy maintained?

The mentee MUST provide a parent/guardian email and teacher/advisor in the cc line for their initial email to the e-Mentor. Thereafter both e-Mentor and mentee MUST - REPLY TO ALL when corresponding. The parent/guardian and teacher/advisor is requested to check his/her email frequently to monitor the email content.

How to Request for Help

Information on how to request help for the 2018-2019 GSDSEF from the e-Advice and e-Mentoring program will be available in September, 2018.