Participate in the Fair

This page is still current for the 2017 GSDSEF. We will be updating all these materials for the 2018 GSDSEF over the summer and by late August, 2017.

Students in grades 7-12 attending school in San Diego or Imperial  Counties are eligible to be considered for the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair.  All projects must be screened for review to qualify for the GSDSEF. Every year our Rules and Regulations are revised to meet with California State and International Science and Engineering Fair requirements. Please ensure that your project meets all the rules and regulations stipulated. Failure to do so could constitute disqualification from the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair.  Review the 2017 Rules and Regulations. View the 2017 Teacher Checklist to determine which form(s) must be completed for your project and other important information. Other important information:

    • What goes into a science fair notebook?  See the formatting in our Sample Notebook 2017
    • 2017 GSDSEF Categories and Descriptions
    • The Student Advisory Board (SAB) – Science Fair Honor Society
    • For SAB Info email
    • Guidelines for:
    • Forms:
      • You must have the 2017 GSDSEF forms to be eligible for the 2017 Fair.
      • Before you begin make sure to download the latest version of Adobe Reader for use in filling out any of these forms. Do not fill out any of the forms on the GSDSEF website. Download the blank form to your computer, fill the form out, and then save it.You can then print the completed form, get the required signatures, and place the form in your science fair notebook.
      • Signatures are required for the final submission.
      • Project Proposal 2017 – Must be completed by everyone – Complete the form, by typing into the pdf THEN PRINT.
      • Animal Form 2017
      • Human Subject Form 2017
      • Hazards Form 2017
      • Tissue Form 2017
      • Please note that the forms are the same regardless of grade level.